At Andersons Transport Haulage, Information Technology plays a crucial part within the operation. We have our own bespoke Bookings / Ordering System tailored around our customers requirements, a dedicated Planning / routing system optimised around our fleet and a live Tracking system (Offers instant client feedback and vehicle location).

Network cables

Network Solution

The concept of our network solution is to maximise load efficiency through smart planning, taking full advantage of our vast network of depots and regional groupage units, carrying high volume loads on specialist equipment.


Smart planning allows us to plan complementary loads for different customers across the business units within the same transport cycle, minimising wasted miles, decreasing fuel consumption and reducing labour costs; continuously improving the operation’s efficiency.


Dedicated Planning

Andersons planning software seamlessly integrates with the bespoke booking systems and will produce the lowest cost routing solution based on the orders available to the system.

It will plan the routes automatically and allow the Planner to interactive and modify the results prior to uploading to the warehouse for loading.

Bespoke Booking Systems

Andersons own bespoke Bookings / Ordering System is tailored around our customer’s requirements.

All jobs are saved on our secure networks so if in 2 weeks or even 6 years time you need the same job doing again then we can see exactly what was used and how it was covered.


Live Vehicle Tracking

Each and every vehicle is fitted with the latest in GPS tracking systems to allow for live positioning and reporting. With the map updating every 20 seconds staff can see exactly where any load is 24hrs a day.

This isn’t only useful in locating vehicles but also reports any pre-determined exceptions like speed warnings so we can make sure our drivers are operating within the law.