Mobile Tracking

Turn any smartphone into a GPS tracker

Traccar Client is an app that allows you to use your mobile device as a GPS tracker. It reports location with selected time intervals.

Server URL:


App for Android


App for Apple IOS


Install the app using the above android or ios link depending on your phone. Then open the app.

Android Tracking App Screen

Edit the server URL to:

Server URL:

Edit the “Device identifier” to your mobile number.

Toggle the “Service Status” to on.

You may be asked to allow Traccar Client to access your location. Please allow this and then allow the app to “allow all the time”.

You may also be asked to turn off battery optimisation. Find Traccar in the optimised apps and turn off the toggle option in this.

Android Tracking App Screen
Android Tracking App Screen

Please let your Andersons contact person know the mobile number used in the Device Itendifier box and confirm you have toggled the tracking status to on.


You can toggle the “Service status” on and off to start and stop tracking of your mobile phone.

Make sure to turn off the tracking when you are not on shift. No data is collected while the toggle switch is off.